Being unwell needs to be investigated well in advance before it is untreatable.

Dr. Prafulla Kadu.

MBBS. MD. (Internal Medicine)

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Dr. Sangita Kadu

MBBS. MD.(Patho)

Our Services


A simple non-invasive test for assessing the function of heart, various heart valves, assessment of pumping strength and accumulation of fluid around heart.

Tread Mill Test

Tread Mill test or stress test useful for evaluation of chest pain. A simple non invasive tool for the early detection of ischeamic heart disease, tests the functional capacity in patient after heart attack.

Chelation Therapy

A non invasive therapy for chelating toxic heavy metals like Lead, Mercury, Cr & Cd, also other nontoxic metals like Ca, Zink, Iron etc mostly being used by European and American physicians as an alternative therapy for the prevention of atherosclerotic vascular diseases, heart attack, brain attack, peripheral vascular diseases. It detoxifies the body and improves vascular health and microcirculation.